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Asynchronous content load?

I have a two groups within a group which I want to switch between by buttons. Is it possible to do this without loading the whole page but instead just load the group?

Yeah, that’s what the show/hide functionality is for. You would hide one, show the other when that is active, and vice versa.


Hey potentialthings (and EII!)

When you hide something, then show it again, am I correct in thinking that:
a) that element needs to load every time it is shown (after being hidden?)
b) it will load quicker the second time from being previously cached?

Or, is loading a hidden thing for a second time just as burdensome as loading an element for the first time?



ps. It’s an honor to talk to you. You’re a hero here in my books!

Yay bubble.

I believe it loads quicker, I think that’s part of why people structure their apps as “single page” with showing/hiding of multiple groups, instead of navigating to a totally different page.

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Thanks for the intel Potentialthings!

Have a great week!