One-page app with 20 hidden groups slow loading - faster when deleting hidden groups

For my app I have created a one-page app with a total of around 20 groups, ll hidden. What I understood is that only those elements are loaded which are visible on page load.

Since it takes around 14-16 seconds for the app to have finally loaded (way too long) I have been looking at ways to reduce the loading time. To my surprise the loading time actually decreased when deleting invisible groups from my page.

Why is this, and what else can have a significant effect on loading times? Are these hidden groups still being loaded somehow?

Thanks in advance, this is pretty much my final hurdle in completing the app so any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I’m having a similar problem. Honestly, it isn’t that much slower than some other sites that I visit regularly, but biggest problem for me is that there is NO indication that anything is happening. Launch the page and only a blank white screen for a long time. I’ve tried many different things (hiding groups, when page is loaded, when page is fully loaded, when page is fully loaded + 500ms, adding custom HTML to header and body to try to show an icon or some text, etc.)

The best result that I have achieved so far is to initially launch a page with only two elements and then redirect to the primary page. Not ideal, but at least a user sees something BEFORE staring at the white screen.

@josh Would it be possible to add something under Settings>General to show a spinning “page is loading” icon? I’d love for this to be a checkbox similar to the “hide Safari UI component”.

Good to read I’m not the only only one experiencing this. I have been trying the same stuff as mentioned by you. I did a check online and saw that during the loading I lost over 7 seconds, with nothing being loaded at all (see pictures). Most of it happens in between Post Aggegrate and Post Innit. Same for you?

If everything would just load effectively without these large gaps, my app would load in only 4 seconds, which is a very significant difference.

Hi Timon,

Any improvements for you since July? Did you end up coming up with a solution to either page load time or improving UX experience during load time?


Hi @Timon, I’d like to follow up on this too - I am trying to load a repeating group which has several more (hidden) nested repeating groups therein. The group which should be loading on page load only has about 5-10 cells in it, but is taking 17 seconds or so to load.

I, like you, thought that hidden meant it didn’t load until it was called… @josh could this be relevant to our other thread (Announcing a new pricing and the ability to buy server capacity)?