[Feature Request] Make Group Focus offsets dynamic value

Hi @Bubble,
Please can we have the Offset top and left fields of the Group focus as dynamic values instead of the current static ones.
If these are dynamic one can do some very interesting and useful stuff with the GroupFocus.



It will also be very useful if the Reference element can be an ID Attribute.


Hello @seanhoots,

I am currently looking for this same solution. I’m fascinated there was no other requests for this feature.

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Maybe try run some JavaScript on the page and move it manually. There’s a thread somewhere talking about dynamic heights and such that cover it.

Having the reference element as a dynamic ID attribute would be amazing for creating dropdown menus across multiple repeating elements. I have a project right now that if this was implemented that I would need 1 focus group instead of 30.


This would allow some kind of workaround for this bug Group Focus: responsive position?. But it would be better if the Group Focus had a simple option like “Stay within the browser window”.


This feels like it would be an easy fix on Bubble’s end and save me the headache of having multiple copies of a single repeating element just to move it to different positions on the page.