Group focus offset from bottom of group focus to top of reference element


I have a repeating group inside of a group focus so the group focus height is dynamic according the the repeating group.

Is it possible to offset a group focus using the distance from the bottom of the groupfocus to the top of the reference element?

To ensure there is no gap between the bottom of my group focus and the top of the reference element i have to set a fixed height to the group focus.

This is fine when the repeating group is equal to or exceeds the height of the group focus, but when it doesn’t, ie. only 1 or 2 items int the list, there is white space and it doesn’t look great.

I’m certain there will be a solution using css but I am not a developer so any code snippets appreciated.


Lol. Ok it might just be me, but I really got confused by how many times you said group focus.

Can you send some pictures?

haha, no problem.

What i am trying to achieve is that regardless of the height of the rg, the bottom of the group focus is positioned consistently

If i fix the height of the groupfocus and the rg only has say 1 item i get this:

And if i allow the group focus height to be dynamic and the rg only has say 1 item i get this:

Does this make sense now?

Don’t use a group focus, they suck… Well at least it sucks that they don’t allow dynamic offsets.

Anyhow, what you want is to use a standard group, and toggle it visible or not based on whatever your input criteria is.

In this example, I have the group showing when the input is not empty, but you can do anything you want to make it visible.

A simple way to test it is to create a silly set of conditions like this.

Good luck!

Thanks. I like the click out function on a group focus, as in if user clicks anywhere outside the group focus the group is hidden…

That can happen. You can adjust its visibility any way you want. If you are going to bubble, you need to be creative.

I was just giving you the basics… Here is the way to hide it.


See it only shows when there is a value, and you are actively clicking in the input box. The moment you click away, it’s gone.

You will have to figure out anything else you want, but this is your building blocks (identical operation to group focus).

Thanks for your help on this Troy!

I’ll give it a go.