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Feature Request - Repeating group with a checkbox selector

Often times I want to use a repeating group and select items from that group. It’s very easy to use a dropdown but you can select more than one item.

It would be amazing if this was something that was a prest that could be added. Finding all of the selected items of a repeating group is harder than it currently needs to be in bubble. Here is an example.


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Hey @ParalaxMuscrat

You can just store the selected RG items in a custom state (as a list)… no?

  • When checkbox is checked → set state → current state’s value:plus item: current cell’s Thing


I think you can do that, it would be much easier to just have something that worked similar to the dropdown.

When checkbox is checked, add item to state (list) outside repeating group. Then use the stored state to display selected values or initiate another workflow.

I have this “sort of” working where the checkbox set/unset is based on presence in the external list and the onchange event adds/removes item from the list but when I have selected a couple manually then use a selectall checkbox (that makes the list == all the elements of the list) that works but when I then deselect all (uncheck the select all checkbox) the list is empty but the previously checked boxes remain checked (not reflecting reality).

I have tried moving the check/unchecked logic to a condition but then it errors before changing the checkbox value. I think this is some form of sequencing issue with the checkbox being declared invalid (because it does not align with the list) before the onchange event fires and aligns the checkbox with the list.

Anyone solved this?

Okay - I write a missive and work it out. Just in case…

Add an on change workflow to the checkbox in the repeating group. Have a state somewhere in that repeating group row (I tend to have a group of elements within a row of the RG) called “selected”.

On change set selected to value of checkbox.

Add current thing to selection list if selected is set.
Remove current thing from selection list if selected not set.
Reset relevant inputs (this sorts that little problem I had above)

Note that I have to use the dummy “selected” state because the checkbox values are based on the current things inclusion in the list so there is a bit of a circular problem if I just use checkbox value.