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Got stuck with a selection (custom checkbox) in a repeating group

I would appreciate if someone could show me an example or guide me through an issue with checkboxes in a repeating group.



This repeating group is a category with a list of items referencing a thing called “Cross Promotion”; and what I want to accomplish is something (kind of) similar to “add to cart” or “my favorites”.
_The user should be able to select (or activate) items from the list
_The selection should be saved or remain on pageload
_Once the cell item is selected, the item should display in a different repeating group, created by the user

I followed some of the suggestions posted in the forum but got stuck and really needed to ask (not a programmer).

_I have a field called CheckedActive (yes/no) for the Cross Promotion
_I am using a custom checkbox with a state “Checked” (yes/no) to display the button
_I have a state “SelectListItem” (Cross Promotion List) that I tried to use but got stuck
_I tried :plus item … … or :contains with SelectListItem but never worked for me

Thanks in advance

Please pick a subcategory to help organize the information. Thanks!

Also, the more context you provide with your questions (screenshots, link to an open app, etc.), the more likely you’ll get good help quickly :slight_smile:

Well never mind, I think I just found the right example for what I want to do in the forum.

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