Repeating group select all just on current page

Hi All

After someone a bit cleverer than me (doesn’t take a lot :slight_smile: )

I have a checkbox on a repeating group for selecting the lines, on some of the repeating groups i have there is thousands of potential items. Having a checkbox to select all and then potentially make changes is going to take up far too much resource.

instead i would like to implement a select all, but just for the current page. can this be done?

Example: Repeating group generally has 10 items per page.

if a user is on page 2 i would want everything on that page selected (items 11-20) in theory


Use a custom state that stores a list of these things.
If you only have 10 or 20 items, you could use a condition that checks if the current cell’s thing is in your custom state of selected things to know if it is selected.
‘Select all’ would simply set the list of the things on the RG’s current page into the selected things state. So you can retain the previous selections when the user switches pages too.

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