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Feature request: temporary table/list


It would be good to provide the capability to add/remove items on the fly while creating a new thing thru custom state. I know you can do add with plus item but there is no remove item and the workaround seems to crash the browser.

Right now when you create a new thing, you have to create it first and them update it by adding/removing items directly from the database.

It would be good to do all this one shot: create a list of items and then create a new things by adding the list the list of items.

Does someone have a better way to do this?


I too have been trying to think about this.

I have a user creates a new thing, but if they change their mind and hit a cancel button, it deletes that thing. The reason I have to create the thing is they can upload images to it, however, if they close the browser instead of hitting cancel, it then leaves this new temporary thing in the db.

You could always set the sate of this temporary thing using a field, and then after a period of a few hours, run a batch to clear temporary things older than a few hours or whatever you feel like.

I chose to leave the temporary thing, and show it in the users dashboard as ‘draft’ or whatever state code I used, and treat it more as ‘feature’…:slight_smile:


Love your workaround. Thanks for sharing