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[Feature update] Group Focus behavior

Hello everyone!

Excited to announce that we have finally addressed some frustrating Group Focus behavior. Before today, it was impossible to click on the same element to open and close a group focus element. This was because group focus elements have auto-close behavior where if any area outside of the group focus is clicked, the group focus is closed. As such, if an element that triggers a workflow to show a group focus is clicked, the auto-close behavior would kick in first, and then the workflow would run, making it impossible to actually hide that group focus.

But no longer! The same action element can now be used to open or close a group focus element. Best practice is to use a toggle workflow action on the action element to simply open & close the group focus.

The auto-focus behavior outside of the action element still exists as it does today so there should be no changes to existing group focus set ups.

Let me know if y’all have any questions. Happy Bubbling!


Nice one!

Yesss!!! Tiny, but very trigger thing-- thanks Nick!

Every little thing counts! Keep em coming!

Great ! Thanks !!!

This is awesome! I have been avoiding group focuses for this reason. I was actually planning to wrestle with one today and just saw this happy update!


Hey @nickc

It does not work on mobile I´m afraid after a few tests.

Can your team implement that it works the same on mobile?

Thank you so much.

Thank you! This whole time i had to use a conditional which set the button as unclickable when the group focus was visible, so the workflow would not trigger. It did the trick but the cursor wasn’t a clicker when hovering over the button which was not great for UI.
This is so much better thanks.

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Are you looking on a mobile browser, PWA, or mobile wrapper?

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Hey @nickc

Mobile browser.

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there was a easy workaround for this - we just did - if group is shown button is not clickable so it acted like it should

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Nice! Thanks :slight_smile: