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Fellow Bubblers

How many of you still send mail through the post office? Either for personal mail or business mail (ex.invoices, letters, bills, etc).

Can’t remember last time, but when I buy stuff online here in Brazil it comes with the invoice attached to the package

Still use post office - if it’s something related to government department (personal). Don’t do business mail.

Reasons for post usage:

  • Needs real signature (not digital)
  • Has accompanying other evidence documents

Thanks for the answers.

The reason I ask is because I’m currently working on a project named Maily (link broken copy and paste to browser)

Basically, it will be a simple service that takes care of the process of mailing letters for you (businesses will be my target market, but can be used for personal use).

User uploads the letter(s) they want to send and enter to and from info, and we take care of the printing of page(s), addressing the envelope, stamp, and sending it out to the post office.

It’s currently in beta mode, and i’m not yet accepting payment. But check it out and let me know what you think or if you find any mistakes. Thanks.

It seems nice

Thank you for your time @csfalcao.

At the moment it will be for U.S mailing only.

But if you ever need to send a letter to the U.S don’t forget to try it out.