Feedback on possibilities

HI Bubble Community!

I’m the manager of a shipping company in the Caribbean. My business is just one of many businesses connected to a network that works with many agents in different countries. The “network” already has a full team of developers and internal systems, but I want a way to develop custom apps for my country’s specific processes because the IT team is overloaded with projects and things take a lot of time to develop with them. So I’m hoping to develop some of our processes in Bubble, get a bit of help from the community/freelancers to get started and hopefully I can learn a bit on the way to be able to customize things as I go.

A bit about our company. We offer customers based in the British Virgin Islands customers the ability to use a US based address to purchase items from US vendors. When they use our service they purchase packages online at US retail stores (like amazon), send their packages to the USA address and then we take care of consolidating the packages and moving them to our Caribbean location.

Once the packages arrive we either deliver packages or persons come to our office to pick up the packages. We are interested in creating both an Agent App and a Customer App to handle the logistics of the pickup process.

The two apps will have a lot of internal logic and interact with each other capturing data with barcode scanning using the camera app, using the device camera to capture photos, generating and reading QR codes for delivery confirmations, text messaging, and also getting and putting data to external API sources. I also need the app to validate sign ins through an API to the main network.

Design and functionality explained here:

Think I can do all of this in Bubble? Appreciate your feedback.