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Last newsletter about plugin

Hey guys,

We got some reports of the email we sent yesterday going to spam. Can you let us know here if that’s the case or not?

Not for me, received directly to Inbox - ps I use Google Apps

Nope, all good on an Exchange Online account in O365, in the inbox.

I got it just fine. Great newsletter!!

Straight through on my gmail

Received normally to inbox in Gmail and Office 365/Outlook.

Yes, the emails from support regarding new features don’t go to my inbox and are marked as “Promotions”, even though I’ve added [email protected] to my address book. Emails for invoices always go straight to my inbox. (Gmail)

Just found it in my spam folder. I am using inbox…

Received it just fine in my inbox.

Got it in inbox, no issues

I’m using Gmail and it went into the ‘Promotions’ folder.

Didn’t received it. (nor in spam), Can you send it again? We have to be in the Newsletter list? again?