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Fetch the Records and Count to show on the Screen

Hello All, I have created a small review app for my store. The review page is done and the data is getting stored in the Database under a table “Rating” with the Fields “Food Review” etc.

Now i want to show the summary of the day in counts in a separate screen
for ex: Food Review : Bad - 100
Ok: 50
Good: 75

I am clueless on how can i do it


you have to use the count function and search for each Food Review value with a constraint as shown below


you can add the date constraint if you want to summarize for a particular day.

Thank you Samuel. Will work on it this way.

Hi Samuel,
What if you want see a value which has max count? Or sort values based on the count.

try “dynamic field” option in the sort by field.

I tried dynamic, but it’s not woring as expexted(

I have en example below, my data structure would repeat train names each time a user picks it from the list and assigns Good. Therefore I have trains repeated multiple times if a train is selected multiple times and users like it.

Then I want to present it as a rating, based on how often a train is marked as ‘good’. So, for the summary I need to a)make train names unique, so it comes only once b) need to count how many times that train got “good” c) sort the view so that trains which got most “good” come on top of the list