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How to fetch data from DB and show it on to a screen in bubble

I have created a feedback survey for my business. Now i want to show the feedback records entered on to the UI. I am unable to fetch and show them.

The data is in Ratings table. Can you please let me know on how to display data on to UI. The app is in the following url:


you have to mention the data source as “do a search for” Ratings" in the Repeating group.

check out now.

Hey Samuel,

Thanks a lot for the quick response. Can you please also let me know how to create cells in the repeating group. I am unable to get that one.

Thanks again.

Click any element from the left and drag to the first row of repeating group. I think its part of the lessons incase if you missed.

ok… i tried doing the same thing as u did for the new page contacts_v1 but its not showing the data.

It is showing the data, you just had to scroll down a lot. I just changed the repeating group to sort by mobile number, so now you will see some data at the top.

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Thanks ben. It was very helpful.