Field for readable URL

Hello guys,

I really need help, I have a map element on my page which has markers showing locations.
The database has the address located in them, however on my page when requested the content i type in “venue” (the title of the database).
The problem is though that the Field for readable URL stays blank. So when i preview the search function in my app it comes up a totally different location.

Could you expound a bit on the end goal? Is this showing venues on a map, user selects a venue, and the details of that venue are displayed. And there are filters for the user, which narrows the choices on the map?

What sorry of fields are on your venue data type?

Field for readable URL does not apply to the index page. Simply try this somewhere else.

Hi Keith, thank you. i have tried it and it worked but now its not for some reason? i did ask bubble admin but they told me it had to be in that field???

Thank you Jcindy. so the end goal was just to show the markers but they wont appear ??? but i would like them to show info.

at the minute the database looks like this…

but for some reason they wont appear when i do a preview.

@rvanna There does appear to be a bug in your app. We are investigating.

Looks like Bubble has you covered, and it’s not you. If you have any difficulty setting up the functionality, just reply on the thread again and I’ll be happy to see what I can do.