Searching for a date in a date range

I thought this might be a simple task…

I have a ‘Data’ data type with a date field:

and another data type called ‘Set’ with a date range field:

and I’m then trying to perform a search on the ‘Data’ table where the ‘Date’ is in the Set’s ‘Data Range’ but it’s forcing me to select an additional operator:

Can’t figure out why it’s forcing me to do that…
Appreciate anyone’s guidance on this.

Hi there, @stewart.gilmour… the issue you are facing is that the is in operator is used to see if a value is in a list of values (which is what the 1 issue in your issue checker is likely telling you), and a date range is not a list of dates.

The above being said, I would consider replacing the date range field with start and end date fields because, as you are seeing, date range fields can be tricky to use. If you want to use a date range field, then I believe you will need to add an advanced filter to your search expression, and the constraint on the filter would be something like Item - Data Set's Set's Selected Date Range contains date This Data's Date. Oh, and if you’ve never used an advanced filter before, keep in mind that the filtering takes place on the client (browser) side, so there could be a performance impact if the search returns a lot of items.

Hope this helps.


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Legend Mike. Much appreciated. You’d think the is in operator would work on a date range but hey ho, will switch to start date and end date no probs. Have a good weekend buddy and appreciate you picking this up on a Saturday.

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