Fields shows based on dropdown choise

So I need to display a number of input options based on a dropdown selection from 1-10:

if Dropdown = 1 = Show input field 1
if Dropdown field = 2 = Show input field 1 + 2
if Dropdown field = 3 = Show input field 1 + 2 +3
if Dropdown field = 4 = Show input field 1 + 2 +3 + 4

Can someone help me with the logic on this to make it work?

Hi Calum,

I want to clarify your question.

Are you looking for a solution that if dropdown = 4 there will be four input fields? And if dropdown = 1 there will only be one input field?


Hi Tony,

Yes that’s correct.

Kind regards,


Hi Calum,

Here’s a solution based on the “number” of dropdown selected. It will show the field only if the number >= the number listed.


Some notes:

  • Each field has a conditional >= the field number it is


The First Input:

then you just change the value from 1 to 2 on the second input, 2 to 3 on the third input etc

Hope this helps!

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You’re amazing Tony ! Thanks for your help on this !!