Figure out my new website workload usage

Hello everyone, I made this simple website : . i made some clicks and the Workload usage jump to 6656 !! Would anyone be willing to assist me with this Workload testing ? Kindly visit the website and make some clicks on the "formation field " , I would like to test the workload usage before complete building new features or make any scaling !

Thank you!

You can’t scale with the new pricing, they are literally insane


Unfortunately i already downgrade 2 of my apps from “Personal” to " Free" ,Third and last one is already on live version with no idea how to monetize it and with this bubbl’s "pricing update " ,i think it will be so difficult to use Bubble :pensive:

Yep, Emmanuel said they would get back to us mid week with adjustments on how they calculate WU :man_shrugging:


20 visit in 1 day = 23,876 WU !!
Thanks Bubble !!!


Sorry dude. I clicked on a few things on your website… I didn’t mean to ruin you financially.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Nice one , unfortunately it is happening ,Maybe Bubble should add “Page loading” as a feature under each plan

User sarches through listings on my marketplace but does not spend anything.


Sorry I visited your site

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Please don’t refresh the page twice :upside_down_face:

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what next… Bubble will now monetize the forum…any mention of a bubble app and you reaching out to the community for help will register as wu