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Pricing question / problem

Please see the attached images, I just received an email about my app being over limit and rate-limited. I don’t understand this. My understanding is we get 175,000 workload “units” per month. This app is something I’ve built for a friend and it’s not even in use by his customers yet. All of the usage was just during the development phase for the app.

But, according to this email I just received from Bubble it seems some type of rate-limiting is in place now. However, I’ve only used 3000’ish workload units from what I can tell.

Any feedback / clarification is needed. Thanks

Hi there, @deepdev… if you are getting that email, you must be on a legacy plan that is still “governed” by capacity and not workload units. There have been a number of threads like yours over the past couple/few days that reference being rate-limited, and you should consider contacting Bubble support to see if they can take a look at your app to help you understand why you hit your capacity (especially if you don’t think you should have hit it, which seems to be the case with most of the folks who got the email).


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same here! interesting is that it is almost at the same time (23 minutes here and close to monday 8pm).

just filed a report. i am on a legacy plan, but i am VERY far away from both WU limits or capacity, as I am currently the only one using the app during development…

this worries me, because now it is easy to tackle the issue. with lots of users, that could be almost untraceable.

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Yep exactly. I put my friend’s app on this platform just so it would easy to manage data (like a CMS) after I’m done. But, I feel like with the new pricing structure Bubble is most likely not going to be right platform. I’m willing to continue to ask questions / investigate until I have all the facts but things are not looking good.

I don’t really want to build the app from scratch for my friend but in the end, he may end up saving a lot of $$ and have a much more high performance solution that can scale. And besides, as an experienced dev, I found learning Bubble’s “backend workflows” and “logic” feature to be almost unusable and a challenge (to say the least) to get some moderately complex logic implemented.

Therefore, I’ll post back here with my findings which might help others. But, I guess I need to open a support ticket (huge waste of my time) just to find out what the h*ll is going on with the pricing / scaling in Bubble…

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Btw, support emailed me back a query on my pages that does a SUM on literally about 20 rows against a single field caused this app (which is NOT LIVE) to hit capacity and therefore get throttled… Un. Be. Leivable.

Yeah, I’m going to let my friend just use this app I built as a very very simple beta test site for his customers and immediately move him to a traditional app that I build by hand and/or with some of the great front-end tools out there now to make UI building extremely fast with your own custom code base, etc…

Anyway. Good lord this platform was a massive waste of time to learn.