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Multi-select in file manager to delete uploaded files

It would be greatly useful if we could multiple select files that have been uploaded through the editor or not attached to a thing as a data type under ‘Data’ > ‘File manager’.
Going through the list and clicking the ‘Delete’ and then confirming for each item is very time consuming when dealing with large lists e.g. deleting old image assets from a site re-design.

If we could have a checkbox next to the filename where we can multi-select and then a master delete button that would be great. Understandable there could be a limit e.g. max selection at a time 20 items, so that its not to hard on the server to process the request.



Just come up against this and it is frustrating, I understand this means a process for deleting multiple files from s3 which is not easy process, but this would be a small feature with big results for users!

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agree 100%

Does anyone have news about this issue?

From my understanding nothing is in the works at the moment to implement this feature e.g. on the Bubble roadmap, who knows might be added in soon.

But at this time, its still a single delete operation unfortunately, within the app’s file manager.

I second for this feature, it would be great !

We had thousands of files orphaned in our bubble storage. We figured out how to copy and paste hundreds of rows at a time into excel, use a quick macro to parse the file urls out, and do a workflow on them pasted back into bubble to use the delete a file action in workflow.

But we couldn’t get closer than that. It took us a while. A few hours, to get rid of them all.

Then we learned where they were coming from in our workflows and cleaned them up as they get created so no more bulk deleting.