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File storage services

Is there any way how to use our cloud service for file upload? Or I have to use services listed in Bubble (Box and Bubble storage)?

Not currently, right now it goes through Bubble’s servers and goes to S3 (native storage) or Box (our implementation is for Enterprise type accounts though).

If that’s an issue we can talk about a custom implementation there, but I’d recommend S3 to start.

I cant store files out of our server, so it isnt way for me. But still I can use internal addresses only - is there any way how to extract only addresses without uploading files? I mean if I can use multifile input to extract list of file paths (by dragging a folder or group of files). I can upload files directly (to our server), but I need to simply (user friendly) connect it with data in bubble.

Yes, files are considered as texts in the Bubble DB, so you can upload the files to your servers, upload the URLs and use them. If you use a link element users will be able to download them, etc.

OK, it seems to be good way for me. And second part of my question was, if it is possible to insert address (semi) automatically. For example by dragging uploaded files to MultiFileInput and use only file paths information without uploading files itselves. Or if there is any other way how to simplify process of inserting urls.

Well no, how can we guess the URL if we don’t upload the file?

OK, maybe totally wrong idea (I am an architect, not programmer). I thought if there is any way how to read adress of file. We frequently use quite a big amount of files (drawings) and copy/paste method could be really annoying. So I am looking for a way how to make it user friendly. Do you have any tip?

Well if you have a service that exposes the URLs with an API from file name to path you could use the API connector. Or if your storage has a clean way to have path, like you could guess it. But the question is not how can bubble read it, but how your storage can expose it…

Thanks for your help. It is clear I have to start to study our cloud service.

As a thought, if your service exposes an API you can also do it that way. Then once you’ve made the post to the external service you can save a reference to the image URL and whatever pertinent info you need in a Bubble table. This is what I’m doing in an app with Dropbox as the cloud storage service.