Question about saving files

I would like to store files for my site on a ubuntu server, and was wondering if it is possible for when users upload a file, it is uploaded there and bubble just receives a link to it?.

Tristian Forcum

Hey @Tslimshady99

The short answer to this is yes, its possible to host your own files elsewhere on another server and hand off to Bubble. It will simply use the URL address to be fetched with Bubble e.g. with a data source. But something to note is that it will leave out certain integrations with data types with fields set to image and files. For instance you’ll miss out some file operators and image operators e.g. Imgix for processing options and seamless rendering of compressed & resized versions.
I’d highly recommend making sure that the webserver is covered with SSL encryption and a comprehensive backup redundancy configuration plus a stable internet connection.

Generally I’d advise against using your own hosted files, unless you really want to for specific business reasons or server availability in your own datacenter. You can just use the Bubble integrated Amazon AWS storage, free accounts can use 2GB and paid plans can use 10GB, with the ability to upgrade (note, at cost).

Alternatively you can setup your own Amazon AWS bucket at a more affordable cost, that will be secure and backed up. There are a few plugins that help with the integration of this API. Also, last note, you could use another service like Box or Dropbox for hosting files via the cloud. Best of luck.

So I would like to have most files served, on How would I go about doing this, I have looked into other ways the upload but haven’t been able to find on

What type of file operators would I be missing out on as relates to documents uploaded such as Word or PDF files?