File upload preview image blurred

Hey guys, wondering if there is a reason the picture uploader images return blurry after they are loaded?

I have an image uploader, then next to it an image that pulls in the data from the uploader.

As you can see left is blurry, right is not… ? This is may confuse my clients as to why this is when adding images.

I have found another post (with loom video on how to reset the input of the image uploader, however, this seems unnecessary and wondered if there was another way? If not then cool :slight_smile: (Image Upload and Preview Over Default Image - #4 by bryan.beneker)

I tried to us imgix on the uploader dynamic image placeholder to see if this would work, but alas, it did not.


I have the same issue, could you fix it ?

Yea I did … I followed this video and it is all good now - but you have a few things you need to setup.


Thank you I will look at it :slight_smile: