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Uploaded images are blurry

Hey there,

whenever I upload a image, the edges of objects in the images are slightly blurred in comparison to the original image.

I read in the forum to set the image quality to 100% through :processing with imgix, but this doesn’t seem to work. And I don’t want to use svg only.

To me it looks like a smoothing filter. The uploaded images have less pixelations, but the edges ob objects are slightly blurred too.

Does Bubble do any compression, filtering or anything else when uploading an image? Is there a way to change this?

Best regards

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Try to add “?ignore_imgix=true” to the image URL

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Hi @reger-alexander ,

thanks for the quick reply. Can you do this for dynamic data?

Yes should work

Thx, again. Would you know how to add to dynamic data ?

I think it depends - how does your image setup look like?


in the database I have a datatype ‘Photo’ with the field ‘Image’ . With a RG I display all Photo images and save the index in a custom state. With an ‘Image’-element I display the selected photo in a bigger format.

Is that what you meet. Thanks for the help btw.

You can simply add it to the image-element like this

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