Can't upload images at all

Neither the image uploader or changing an image in a things database entry work. Image is broken but I can see it on amazon when clicking “view”.

If I use the image uploader element the image doesn’t show up after uploading the image (in other words, no preview).

This happened suddenly with an image I have uploaded easily before. Worked last night. Woke up this morning and it’s not working now.

Experiencing image problems as well.

Yes I am reporting a bug to @eve and team, seems like photo functionality is broken all around.

Same here. It shows image is uploaded, but does not actually show in repeating groups

yep, my site is broken for these reasons too

Yep, not working for anything. Opening a bug

Update: Bug report #9074

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Yep - same here

@emmanuel Hi this bug is even affecting my live website (some images not showing). => already sent a bug report. Could you guys act fast, please?

No images are showing on the site.

Hello folks,

Thanks for reporting here! Please submit a bug report if your application is having this issue (and you haven’t already done so) so that our team can reproduce and escalate to the engineering team.

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Same here. But it’s telling me to upgrade in settings?

Hello folks!

Tracked this down to issues with Imgix; check out their status page. We’ll also be updating our status page until this resolves.

Hi Eve,

Images are back for me but they’re all stretched on the listings view. The images are all user inputted too (from their profiles) so how will they have their listings show up correctly? is the website

I like the concept of that site. Neat idea.


As per our Status page, we have currently disabled image processing until Imgix confirms that it’s back up and running appropriately. If your images were being cropped or resized, they may not display correctly at this time, but should go back to normal once service is fully restored.


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