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File uploader not working in Free Plan?

does the file uploader control work in the free plan? I see it doesn’t show the fields mentioned in the reference and it shows an Upload button in the property editor that just changes the current page to if pressed

think the same goes for PictureUploader

it would be nice if one could upload to Box/Dropbox/GDrive etc. even in the freeplan (and to Bubble’s AWS or whatever cloud storage in the paid plans)

It should have all the field available - perhaps a transient browser glitch?
Shoot us an email at support if you believe it’s an issue with your account.

the reference at says about storage service, folder path etc. Where does one select that?

Also maybe should have extra bookmarks (keep the old ones to not break urls) called FileUploader and PictureUploader instead of FileInput and PictureInput and update the reference popup for those two controls to point to those bookmarks in the reference page

File Uploader

This element lets your users upload a file. When they click on the button, they’re prompted to pick a file to upload. Once the file is uploaded, the button will display the file name.


This is what displayes the input when it’s empty.


This fields lets you define the initial content of the file uploader. It can either be a static file (in which case you upload it in the editor) or a dynamic information, coming from the database (for instance, ‘current user’s resume’).


Check this box if you want to protect the file that is uploaded. In this case, the file will be attached to a user or a thing, and will only be visible to the user or the thing that owns it, as defined in the Data Tab / Privacy.

Attach to

When the file is uploaded in private mode, you define here who / which thing owns the file

Storage service

Pick here the service you want to upload the files to. It can be Bubble or a plugin, like Box

Folder path

Define here which path should be used to upload the file. It can be dynamic using the composer.

This input should not be empty

Check this box if the input shouldn’t not be empty when a workflow that uses its content is run. In other words, Bubble will prevent workflows to get run until these inputs are filled. This is very useful to make sure all necessary information have been entered by the user before a workflow is run. When an input is empty and shouldn’t be, it is marked as invalid by Bubble (and styled that way if a condition is set when the input is invalid in the Conditional Tab of the Property Editor).

This input is disabled

Check this box if you don’t want your users to be able to interact with the input element. In this case, the content of the input will be accessible on a read-only basis.

Go to Plugins and install the Box plugin and the fields will appear.

aha, thanks

Maybe the property editor for that control should have a link to the plugins page

Also not sure if the reference for storage service field mentioned it, probably read it too fast

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