NEW Plugin: File Uploader > 50MB Looking for a few testers!

Upload to Bubble, S3, Drive, Box, Dropbox, Other Apps & more!

Loaded with control, style and options but simple enough for everyone to implement.




Finally! Bravo Jarrad. I would welcome to put it through its paces… This looks to be the swiss army knife of file uploaders

This is a must. Ready to try.

very much YES!

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Hey Jarrad,
we were waiting for this plugin for a looong time :slight_smile: Ready to try .
Thanks a lot!

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Hi Jarrad, I would love to try it out.

No worries, i will push a version for you guys, I just need to make a small change in light of some unexpected changes bubble have made.

Looking forward to your release!

Hey, Jarrad!

Did you use bubble’s new multipart/form-data feature to make this? I was looking to experiment with that in the API connector, specifically for POST calls to S3, but not sure how to send a proper POST call to S3 via the API connector. (Now I have a workaround set up with an HTML element.)

No i didnt, I put a hell of alot of work into a very customized version of dropzone and changed alot of its base function to achieve some pretty good results (3 image uploads to 1 kind of results…). As you can imagine when I seen the update for the form-data it was a slight, why was this not published on the bubble road map moment, althought there is a reason as to why the plugin is not now released. At bubbles request there is some amount of testing bubble would like to conduct before release as files > 50mb have the potential to pop our beloved bubble.

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Replying to your post here: Audio Recorder Plugin

Wondering what the bubble team has to say about this?
Is it your intent to use bubble as a storing mechanism or would you also release this as an uploader to third party storage services?

The ziggeo plugin allows users to upload >50mb but to their servers. What would be the problem for this plugin? Unless bubble storage is an essential part.

Will this file uploader be able to upload files privately?

if by private you mean the old private checkbox and attach_to trick then yes :slight_smile:

Sounds like you have more to say about the subject? :wink:

Would love to test this out. This is exactly what I need for my project! How can I sign up?

Count me in as a tester :slight_smile:

Hello, if it’s still possible to test, I’m interested !

Any update on this? I’m desperate to integrate uploads of >50mb and don’t really mind which 3rd party service is used as long as it’s not ziggeo which is expensive and clunky.

Any Update? @jarrad?

What I would suggest is everyone needing this is to tag the bubble team here and bring their attention to it. The fact is they dont want to go near >50mb for now… Good news is they will have no choice at somepoint, bad news is ive been on bubble for years and some points never seem to come…

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