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File Uploader Percentage Display

When using the Bubble file uploader there is a upload percentage value that actually works now! (It might have been working for a long time and I have not explored it - so might be news to me only)

I wanted to display the percentage as a percentage in text form and I did it this way

Screen Shot 2022-08-14 at 1.23.39 AM
Screen Shot 2022-08-14 at 1.23.47 AM

Need to divide by 100 because it is a number, so when formatting as percentage without dividing by 100 it is going to display 100% if it is just 1%.

Then I wanted to show a line that would expand when the percentage value increased.

I did it with some custom code.

I added a group and made it so the height was just 10px (could be whatever you want it to be)
Min width was set to 0%
Color is my color choice
Need to add an ID attribute

Then I put an HTML with the code to have the width of the group match the file uploaders percentage value

Screen Shot 2022-08-14 at 1.26.54 AM

This will make it so the group will increase the width as the file uploader percentage upload value increases.

Note: The group width will be 100% of its container. I put mine into a popup along with a lottie file loading animation. I now think I don’t need any uploader plugin.