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File Uploader "upload percentage" doesn't get updated. Bug?

The “upload percentage” on File Uploader element doesn’t get updated after file selection. Once submited the action Bubble starts the upload and “blocks” until file is fully uploaded and then “Changed” action is triggered.

The “is loading” attribute works, but “upload percentage” is always ‘0’ through out upload.

I’ve tried to tie this to an “every ‘n’ seconds”, with similar result (doesn’t get updated).

I don’t want to use other pluggins, nor develop my own.

Is this a bug, or am I’m missing something?

For the moment, I’ve placed an icon rotating while loading the file, and it works… but I would like to give the user some “progress” other than the top “bubble bar”.

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I’ve implemented this feature recently and it worked just fine. The text element shows the upload percentage - no additional workflow actions are needed.

I see the 0%, but then it starts updating moving the top blue bar (this is the process of upload). While uploading and the top bar being displayed, everyting (updates) freezes. Once the file is uploaded, I get 100% and moves on the uploaded workflow, never actually seing the 100%.

How do you prevent the “freezing” of updates while file is uploading?

It shall just work. Nothing specific is required. There might be some errors on your page that are the reason of the freezing. Check the Chrome developers tools for insights.

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