File Uploader - Restrict by File Type

I’ve read that, inexplicably, the default file uploader plugin doesn’t allow you to specify a file type. I’ve looked at workflow options to detect whether .pdf is in the file name, as a sort of minimal check, but the file uploads immediately to the server and only then does the event trigger. I’ve not figured out how to stop the file upload from even happening if it’s the wrong type.

The examples I’ve seen seem to have the same drawback. Any help?

This should help!

The demo worked great - I may be doing something wrong with the implementation now that I’ve bought the plugin. I looked at the editor version on the demo page and believe I have things set correctly…

Is there an issue if you don’t have the uploader element visible/loading when the page loads? (My file uploader is on a hidden element that only becomes visible based on some prior steps). These are screenshots for my configuration.

Updated: Found the workaround. The key is to hide the file restricter also, and when you first show the file uploader, then also show the file restricter. This results in it loading when the file uploader is available for link and it works as expected.

I built a quick test and that is the issue. If the file uploader isn’t in a group or itself visible when the page loads, the restricter is unable to attach. @NoCodePete - Is there a way with a workflow to force this attachment/link after the initial page load, or to rather than connect it to the page load event, to connect it to the load event for the linked ID?

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