File uploads and time to get the S3 URL to save relationship in DB

Question on the best approach to save uploaded data to the database and link the file in file manger to the correct record in a timely manner that doesn’t prevent the user from waiting.

I have used a number of plugins and the native Bubble uploader and seem to be encountering the same issue - the S3 file URL seems to be delayed in being returned so that I can save it against a record.

When I upload I can see the file in the file manager with S3 url but the delay between when it is getting returned so I can use ( the delay does seem to correlate to the file size), however, the url is still visible already in the file manager.

here is a video of the issue, you will see me shaking my mouse whilst I wait for the url to be displayed where the file is stored in the S3 bucket.

Is there a way (backend workflow maybe?) where I can save both the file url and the and et the user carry on their business without making them wait?

thanks :slight_smile:

Ok so I am using Better Uploader and have a event that is triggered called ‘BetterUploader Files are done uploading’ - then from this i run a backend workflow to update the data… seems to work as it stands…

Unsure what happens if the users closes the browser and if the file becomes orphaned… so have some testing to do as I still dont know how fast the S3 user is available to the BE workflow to attach.

Just a side note, have you considered how expensive it will be using Bubble storage for a bunch of videos comparing to using an external source (also you would probably get the URL right after upload)

Hey Tyler,

This is a test site and its funny you mention it because I already ran into this issue as it was initially on an agency plan with 0.5gb so I upgraded to 20gb… :slight_smile: and thought to myself this cant be sustainable for production.

I’ve just signed up for Wasabi trial Cloud Storage Pricing: Wasabi vs Azure, Google & AWS S3 Pricing that is only 5.99 per TB per month - sounds reasonable.

There is a Plugin for it

Have any tips for suitable storage solutions?

Thanks (happy new year)

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Yep was just about to suggest @redvivi’s storage plugins.

Wasabi has no egress fees but they only let you download your total storage usage per month. So if you store 1TB you get 1TB worth of data usage. Not sure what your application is but just keep that in mind. Otherwise he also makes an AWS S3 plugin where I think they bill you on data usage so it’s independent from how much you store (I think)

Hmm interesting, I see this is going to take some thought for future projects.

But initially both storage and retrieval of a 1tb total should suit.

I’ve an interesting situation that I’m building a solution on bubble that’s is used by the sales te to pree sell a product that is being built using traditional code development. (weird I know)

There will be a lot of mobile recorded video, images in the product so storage will be key future wise.

I’m hoping to get the investors round to the idea of using bubble for future products instead of traditional code. But this hybrid speed and interation will prove a point for sure.

I’ll check these out thanks…

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I’m sure you’ve seen this already but if not:

No I haven’t, thanks I will have a read :+1:

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