Fill DB with RG elements

Hi everyone
I have a RG displaying 3 elements : Provider - Products - Quantity
Provider comes from a dropdown selection
Products come from a DB filtered with the previous dropdown
Quantity is an input filled by the user
I would like to create a new DB to register a order with these 3 elements. When I create a new thing, Provider is easy cause it takes the data from the dropdown, thanks to Orchestra I could save the input quantity. My problem is I can’t find a way to save the product to my new DB.
Can you plese help
Thanks to the community

How have you configured your new database and workflow to create a new thing? Can you please share screenshots?

Thanks for answearing
Plesae find enclosed the screenshot
I’ve created the new thing with Orchestra to enable to fill the quantity for each line with my Input L
When you see my DB you can see it’s working but on every line I have always the same product cause I can’t find a way to register my product on each line.

I have also tried to make it with the Plugin ListShifter by iterating the creation of a new thing : In this case I can have the DB with my products but I don’t have the quantities