Save inputs from RG cells


Following on from my previous post about attributes, I got that working. Now however, I have my next issue. I have a thing type of “Attribute”. Each Attribute has a name and options.

On my page, I have a RG of type Attribute. In each cell, I have a dropdown that has the options of each Attribute to choose from.

What I’m now trying to work out is when I click a button, how can I save each of those dropdowns as values. I’ve looked at some plugins but can’t work out how to use them to access the individual attribute name and the option selected to save into the database.

Create a workflow and set the event to Elements → Inputs → Input’s value is changed.
Assign this dropdown and specify the DB changes that need to happen when the dropdown’s value changes.

Alternatively you could autobind the dropdown to the parent group’s thing’s field.

Ranjit | Atomic Fusion

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