🔍 Filter a repeating group if a cell contains an item in a list where that item is from a different repeating group cell

Hi, I think I’m close but I can’t quite get it to work - I’m trying to build a products page where the items displayed match the product category a user selected from a repeating group. So if I pressed the “Plan 1” category, then only Products that have “Plan 1” in their category_tags list should show up, as seen below.

If they pressed “Plan 2” then they should see this:

Is there a way to send the index / Product Category name of the cell pressed in the top RG as a constraint in the Search for Products (as Data Source) who’s Product category_tags Contains the selected product category? I’d love to hear an easier way if there is one :slight_smile:

Woah, I figured it out! It’s actually very easy, I created a custom state for the ProductCategoriesRG called product_category and I set that to be the name of the category (although I may end up going with index instead… since that will make it easier to set a default value for the state… i.e. 1).

Then I added the search constraint that the Product’s Product Category List should contain ProductCategoriesRG’s product_category. Awesome!


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