Filter API data to display specific results

Hi - I’m trying to filter API data for my repeating group. However, I only want three specific values (in this case). In the future, I want more than just these three values, so I’m trying to figure out how to filter the result set for now. Here is what I tired - but that doesn’t work - it works if I do the first one only, but not if I want the other two as well. Thoughts?
<img src="//" width=“690” height=“351”

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The filtering you have is filtering against all three values, so its filtering items in which the rentalUnitId contains “a” AND “b” AND “c”

So this comes up with 0 results

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Thanks - how do I change this so that I’m filtering “a” OR “b” OR “c”? Or, how do change it to “Only give me a, b, and c”?

I think you’ll have to take a look at the specific API and how they can constrain search results

Any solutions?