Filtering repeating group data coming from an API

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I am hoping someone can help me with the following -

I have a repeating group which is being populated by a GET request from an endpoint i created in an external application. I would like a user to be able to search and filter the results based on a search box but i cannot seem to get it to work.

I am posting a url to my application here - Payers | Bubble Editor

Can someone please take a look and help me figure this out?

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What is being typed in the search box, the payer name like AARP?

I added a conditional to your RepeatingGroup Payer. See if that is what you are looking for.

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That was exactly what i was looking for - I cannot thank you enough!

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Hellow @r216254319m and @williamtisdale

Could you share what’s steps that you follow to filter data in reapeting group?


It depends. The simplest way is to use the fields on Do a Search for to narrow down, but that doesn’t always work for more complex filters. Many times you will find it necessary to just Do a Search for without adding any conditionals or very few. Then add to the end of that Bubble’s built in command “:filter”. There you will be able to choose an “Advanced option” where you can chain conditionals with ANDs and ORs. Also, if you are trying to filter based on user input then the data source for the repeating group will need to be set on a conditional of the element. For example you could add a conditional, “When Input User Input’s value is not empty” then set the data source to use whatever the user entered. Do you have a specific case you can share a screen shot or more details if this explanation isn’t useful?

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how can you did this? pleaaase

hey @williamtisdale can you tell how is that possible from search box, since search box options do not provide options to select from API data, than how to get the options for search box using API data?

I have the same problem but don’t understand the solution, could you explain?

I can’t view your app, would show me how to resolve this issue?

@dhdonato does this explanation help? Can you share more details about your issue?