Filter Constrain Repeating Group by Geographic Address State only

Hello, I am finding an odd behavior in Bubble that I cannot determine the cause. I am filtering a Repeating Group by Search with a Constraint of a Searchbox type Geographic Address.

This works well, but when you input just a U.S. state (e.g. “Illinois, USA”) into the Searchbox, the constraint malfunctions, randomly showing one, some or no listings at all depending on the state entered. I have gone over and over all the settings and tried testing different setups.

Has anyone else tried to Constrain an RG with a Search Geographic Address Searchbox, and had the same issue of search by just State? Thanks in advance.

I solved this issue by Merging another search with a Constraint of the Geographic Address’s Extracted State (Full Name not Abbreviation). So I think this is a #bugs that that is a work around.