Search box geographic localisation

Just a quick one. With the current implementation of a search box set to geographic places, is it possible to limit or constrain the available locations to a smaller vicinity, for example, only locations within a particular country?

At the moment my search boxes will try to autocomplete to locations all over the world. Just wondering if there was a way to limit this to only my country?

Is there an alternative way to achieve this if it is currently not an option for a search box?


One solution = create your own search box by using an input field that’s tied to a RG to display the autocomplete values. Then, for the RG’s, set a filter parameter for the country, or a geographic radius, etc.

Can you explain this without abbreviations, this could solve my problem, but i have no idea what RG’s are.

RG = repeating group.

Hi, i cant seem to get this working for an address lookup using google geocoding api. The address pops up but there is a delay and i am struggling to limit the lookup to the state of TN.

Can you help? This seems ineffient too when we have a search box… only if the search box can set a radius, we wouldn’t have to go through all this trouble. I love Bubble but these things just make me want to go back to manual programming… wasting a lot of time here.

Would be really helpful if you could post some snapshots of how to achieve this

I created a related feature request (post linked below).

If the request resonates with you, please leave a comment there to help with visibility. (CC: @lazymale, @sridharan.s, @mattya29, @jake.berry)