Filter map markers with multiple simultaneous checkboxes

Hey, I’m stuck. I have an app for finding skateparks. Skateparks are defined as a data type, and I have a bunch of fields, but for this purpose the only important ones are called “obstacles” and “location”.

Obstacles is populated with about 35 different obstacle types.

Location is the skatepark’s address.

I have a google map displaying my skateparks. Map markers are defined by one of two inputs, both of which then create a search based on the input value. Users can choose a map region from a dropdown, and users can select obstacles from a repeating group that has a checkbox and text to display the name of each obstacle. Both inputs trigger searches with the respective parameters, and then the map markers are updated according to the search resuts.

My elements are working, but I’m having trouble because I can’t figure out a way to get multiple checkboxes to update the search simultaneously. Each time the user marks a new checkbox, the map just displays the last checkbox that was marked, and it dismisses the previous results from the checkbox.

No issues with the dropdown and chekcboxes interfering with each other as far as I can tell.

Hoping this can be accomplished with conditionals and workflow?

Hi! did you get a solution? I have the same problem. I’ve tried everything and nothing happened. Apparently it’s a problem with the Google map plug-in…

Hey homie, so there was no malfunction here for me. It’s the nature of the checkbox.

My issue was I created workflows for when the checkbox is checked, but not unchecked. “When this checkbox is changed and it’s not selected, remove it from the list.”