How to have a user select multiple locations with check boxes and have them populate a map?


I’m trying to make it so that a user can select one or more locations from a list of several locations.

I’d like for those that are selected to appear as pins on a Google map after they’ve been selected.

However, I don’t want the list the user selects from to be lats and longs or addresses.

I’d like for my list to have whatever location titles I want and then pass associated lats/longs or addresses to the map on the backend.

Given that context, I’ve gone through the tutorials but I’m having trouble making a list/checkboxes that a user can select one or more from.

Would appreciate help with that!

Welcome. What you do is your “locations” are Things in your database. We might call them a Location. A Location holds all of the info you to to do “stuff” related to any Location (such as displaying that Location as a marker on a map).

Having done that, we simply let the user select some Locations to create a list of Locations that we then visualize as points on the map.

For an introduction to selecting a single Thing from a list (in this case, using a repeating group), see the following. This’ll give you a grounding in the core concepts:

Understanding the above, you can probably see how to construct a list of items that a user might select. And then your map just visualizes that list.

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Thanks, Keith.

I’ll try it out and let you know how it goes.


I wanted to follow up on this. The video you shared got me looking for a video that helped me a lot:

Now I have a more specific question that I voiced here: Calculate Coordinates to Address Maps Error

Thanks again and let me know if you have any insights as to my second question linked above!

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