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Hi everyone,
need help in building my search/filter page.

Here below you can see a screenshot of the main input fields i want the users use to search in the database. The website is about escape rooms so: the first field is a searchbox, where you can type the name of the room or a location, and the second is a simple dropdown menu where you can choose the gender of the room - i’m still working on both of them.

This post is about the last element, the number of players.

What i want to do, is that the users select a number of players (e.g. 5), and the repeating group shows only the rooms that allows 5 players. Every room has 1 field (numeric) which is ‘‘min players’’, 1 field (numeric) which is ‘‘max players’’, and 1 field (numeric range) which is ‘‘players’’.

I’ve been working for so long, and tried many different ways, but each of them show at least an issue.
Here are the ways i tried and the problems i have:

OPTION 1 (my favourite): i wanna have a dropdown showing a list of numbers, which stops at a certain point, e.g 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, +8. If the users search for a specific value, then the database will show all the rooms where min. players < selected number < max players. If the users select ‘’+8’', the repeating group will show all the rooms where min. players > 8.

i can’t make it to work because:

PROBLEM 1: selecting static choices in the dropdown, makes the element to be recognized as text and not as numbers. That means that is not possibile to set the conditions between those options (that are text) and the related fields in the database (set as numbers). How can i solve this issue?
I also tried using ‘‘dynamic list’’, where i can set the type of choices, but where am i suppose to take this list of numbers from?
Here some screenshot about this section

PROBLEM 2: can’t figure out how to use a numeric range field. In the editor is not possibile to type anything, so how is this suppose to work? Can you please make some examples?

OPTION 2: this is the second choice, as the standard slider is not very good looking and very few aestethic fixes are available. This option forces me to set the max value of the slider as the overall max in the database, which means i can’t use the +8 option. Still, i might be open to this solution.
However here i’m still facing the OPTION 1>PROBLEM 2.

Of course, i’m open to all ideas you have, i could be flexible in the ux, is all about balance with ux and making the search work and be fast.

Thank you in advance for your help. Dont’ hesitate to ask if i was missing some details or you need more information!


Hi Andrea,

You can installed the plugin String to Number and convert all text in number before using next action. So 8+ will be interpret as number 8. Execute the action ‘convert’ before the Display list action.

There’s another way, as you can remove +8 and replace with 8 in the dropdown. It will see number instead of text. After, you must find a way to display +8 (all) in a text box.


thank you for your advice. I removed the +8 and now it is reading all the options as numbers. Not the final scenario i’m trying to reach, but i’m a bit closer :wink:

Does someone have an idea on how to do the +8 thing? Maybe a similar case to show?

Thank you again


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You create a new data type (“table”) which has the values. It will have two fields.

Description : Text
Number : Number

You use the Description in the Drop Down, but then number in the back end.

So the Text might show “8+” but actually the number could be 8 and you then use that in your filter.

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