How to organise numbers in Dropdown?


I have a field in User type called Salary Range (text) with static options that a user can choose.

For my search, I’m having trouble organising these entries when viewed in the search dropdown -


So they are shown in the correct numerical order.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Many thanks

If you let them choose from a static list and save that value on the user in a field, you can have the same static list in the search filters and use the text as the exact constraint to find people that have the same text in their user field,

So would it be Static or Dynamic on the Search Choices Style?

You could have it as as dropdown with static values? Or are you searching users by the field of salary only?

I’m searching users by multiple search terms - Timezone, Salary, Language etc…

The salary dropdown in the screenshot is a search for field? Or is it a static list in a dropdown?

A search constraint in you repeating group’s data source could be ‘salary’= salary’s dropdown’s value

It’s a static list in a Dropdown…

Sorry, not sure I follow. If they are static, then they will display the way you entered in the choices field. If they are not, it means it is probably some dynamic data?

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