Filter repeating group based on another data set

Stuck on filtering a repeating group. I have a data type call DA-Clients. I have a data type called DA-actions. One my page which is type of content is DA-clients. The repeating group pull all data in the data type DA-client so I believe filter is suppose to constrain the repeating group to only show DA-actions that below to the current page DA-client, but I can’t seem to make it work.

Thanks in advance.

By setting a page type to a data type doesn’t filter the repeating group. Repeating groups can only display data from one data source, and to filter it you have to set constraints manually either in “Do Search” or in conditionals. You How do you plan to filter the data?

There are many way to set constarints. You could use a dropdown, state, or other data source you want to filter on, and then using that as a constraint in the repeating group either in search or conditionals as I mentioned above.

Hope this helps, if not please provide more context. Do you have a one page with one or two repeating groups, and why and where are you setting the page type?

The page (page 2) will have multiple repeating groups. To arrive at the page the user clicks the client’s name which is in a repeating group on page 1. All works fine for this. Page 2 has many data fields for the client. Actions is a data type and connected to the client data type by data field in the data set. The goal is to display only the actions that were created for the client and not all the actions in the database. Page 2 works great except it pulls all the data from actions. I need to show only the actions for the client current page client.

Looks like you are on the right track. All you have to do is add constraints for the repeating group on page2. Go to the data source where you searching actions and add constraint by clicking on the “Add new constraint” button and choose the field that represent the relationship and set its value to page’s type.

Thx. ChatGPT!!! I typed my problem the system told me how to fix it.