RepeatingGroup restriction

Hello, please I have the following situation! I created a page accessed by login and on this page they can send credits between the registered users and on the restricted page there is a group repeater that records the transfers but this one is showing to all the registered users and I want it to show only to those who performed it help me by favor.

Make sure your repeating group datascourse is setup correctly to only show the specific data you want it to.

Depending on how your database is set up that may mean using constraints on the search, referring to a list field on a certain data type, and/or applying filters.

Thanks! You could help me a little more because I’m a beginner, I don’t know how to create these restrictions. I have two databases, the user and the extract, but I don’t know how to make the repeater information unique for the user who sends the credit to the other.


This is the easiest way to filter things in the repeating group:

There are other ways depending on the situation.

Try this one or share some demo page.

Without knowing more details about your app and exactly what you’re trying to achieve it’s impossible to give be any specific help.

If your RG data source is coming from a database search the you should apply the constraints to the search itself rather than filtering them afterwards.

If you’re referring to a list field in the RG the you may not need to apply any further filters - but agin it depends on your app.

Feel free to share some screenshots of your database setup and RG data source so people can see exactly what you’re doing and hopefully give some more specific help.

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