Filter Repeating Group by Most :Count

hey people!

so in my site i’ve got people who make post, and other users will “vote” on the posts and that vote will make said post marked VOTED and added to a yes/no list of a datatype field that i have(as to gather the amount of people who voted for that post
). Now my question is, how can i make it so that the ones who are voted on are organized in a repeating group, based on the :count of the yes/no quantifications that are being made?

i can’t seem to find that constraint option under the repeating groups source data section?

i’m on the freelance section because i need an answer today, posting on the help section will usully take too long.

if anyone could just SHOW me how to filter something in a repeating group via the most :counts and then it descends from there, that would be the best. i know this is simple, im just a n00b

ex: most votes
2nd most votes
3rd most votes

any help will do!
thank you

You have a sort option in the RG setup. It is below the constraints section. Set it to the number field which is recording the count of votes. Set the Descending as Yes

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