Filter RepeatingGroup items to display select "Parts"

Hey Bubblers!

I would love some help with this problem I am having. I think it should be pretty simple but I just can’t seem to work it out.

This video should explain what I am doing but if I didn’t explain it well enough hopefully the text and pictures can help you understand what I am trying to do.

I have 2 Data types

  • One is “Components” (In which 2 of the fields are text and a 1 is a list of files)

-One is “Parts” (In which all the fields are text)

What I am trying to do is display a list of (DataType: Parts)'s (Field: Part Name) in a repeating group inside each (Data Type: Component) Component Group created by the user.

I would like the repeating group filtered to only display the Parts with the (Feild: Parts Component) the same as the Parent Groups Components name.

So in the example, the repeating group in Component ‘Beam’ should only be displaying ‘Top Rail’ & ‘Bottom Rail’ because ‘Top Rail’ & ‘Bottom Rail’ have (Feild: Parts Component) as Beam.

And in the example, the repeating group in Component ‘Beam 2’ should only be displaying ‘Top Rail 2’ & ‘Bottom Rail 2’ because ‘Top Rail’ & ‘Bottom Rail’ have (Feild: Parts Component) is Beam 2.

Here is how I have the RG set up inside the Component.

Thank you so much for your time.

If you want to display a list of ‘Parts’ in your repeating group you need to set the content type of your repeating group to ‘Parts’.

Then set the data source to ‘search for parts’ and add your search constraints there.

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Thank you, so simple… getting better every day!

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