Dynamic data not showing in repeating group

I’ve set up a repeating group with “Component” as the type of content and I am using a database search for my data source. Inside the repeating group, I have a text box element, where I’ve attempted to insert dynamic data (“Current cell’s Component’s Individual Components”) to display the name of each component. However, the repeating group is not displaying the dynamic data. Instead, each cell in the repeating group is showing the text “Current cell’s Component’s Individual Components”.

I’ve confirmed that I have data in my database and the names of the components are stored correctly. I’ve also verified that my repeating group is connected to the correct data type and field. However, I still can’t get the repeating group to display the component names.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? Any advice on how to get my repeating group to display the component names from my database would be greatly appreciated.

It might be a permissions issue with the data - can you check to make sure the proper permissions are granted for how you’re viewing the data (the login type).

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check ignore empty constraints also privacy rules and lastly data source of RG

Checked all 3. Nothing getting in the way but still not working :sweat:

In your screenshot I see a conditional on that element - could that be related?

This is odd. Can you share a video of the problem or the access to your editor?

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