Filtering nested repeating groups with different data types

Hello, I have a problem thats giving me a hard time to figure out.

I have a repeating group (data typ: Item) that is giving me a list of items. I have another nested RG inside each cell of (datatype: Users Item) that shows me records of items that user has that is related to the parent RG Item.

Is there a way that I can perform a filter on the child RG even though it is a different datatype (Item vs Users Item) that will filter the child list, while keeping only the parent rg item that has the filtered result? The Users Item does have a reference to the Item datatype, but the Item datatype does not have a reference to the Users Item datatype.

Parent RG

Nested RG

By performing a filter at the child RG, it does not remove the parent items that do not have the filtered results.

I don’t think i understand your problem but you might need to do Searcg for Users Items:filtered annd then type in advanced and then check that the related item = parent group’s item:filtered and you can filter the parent group’s item however you want.

Thanks for the reply. The only data source I have being filtered by constraints is the nested RG as shown here by the Status = which takes a value from a dropdown field.

What I am wanting to do is only show the parent items that belong to the filtered results of the nested group. Right now I can filter the nested group, but the entire list of parent items remains.

Here is an example video of the issue.

Anyone have any ideas how I can achieve this functionality? I tried creating a state that holds the records of the filtered nested repeating groups, then try to intersect that list with the parent repeating group but was unsuccessful.

Still looking for help with this as I’ve not been able to find a solution.

on the parent repeating group search for users items and filter that based on the filters like what you have now but add :each items ITEM where ITEM is the parent data type.

Thanks for the response, If I search for Users Item in the parent RG, then the entire catalog will no longer be present as I currently have (Search for Item). I am looking to keep the current Item list, but filter that down based on the Users Item (different datatype) that meet the filter criteria.

Can you explain a bit about what you’re trying to achieve and how the different data types relate to each other?

The Item data type is a list of items in a catalog, that is displayed in the parent RG, the nested RG which is of datatype Users Item, will show items that the User has, thats related to the parent group Item. I want to filter the Users item, but also filter down the parent RG to show only the parent group items that have a filtered Users Item. The video I posted shows how filtering the Users Item still shows all of the parent groups item which is what I want to fix.


I think you can have a look at something like this:

Parent Rg: Search for users items: related items: unique elements
Child RG: search for users

I am not sure if you would still need two RG, or one RG will suffice for your problem statement.

Thanks for the reply.

The parent rg of Items is necessary because that is the catalog list of all items a user can potentially have. The nested repeating group shows the items that user does have thats related to the parent rg of Items.

This particular page shows the results of only one user in the child RG, so searching for users would not be necessary as I add a constraint in the Do a search for users item to show current user.

Man, it took me ages but I think I got it. There might be a more efficient way to do this but it works for your purpose I think.


I actually don’t know if you’ll be able to do this without following the same data structure. I’m assuming these are collectable cards, hence the naming convention below (sorry if this is not the case and I’ve confused things further).

First of all, you are treating the “Items” as a sort of group or category - to make it easy, I’ve called these categories “Card Type” (the parent).

I also created a new type called “Cards” (children).

“Card Type” has a field of “Cards (list)” which contains a list of all the children.

“Cards” has a field of “Users (list)” which contains a list of all the users with a card - you could also do this with “Card Type” if you wanted but I didn’t bother.

Setting up the Parent RG



Search for Card Types and add a condition that changes the Data Source.

Setting up the Chilld RG


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Thank you for taking the time to try this out. There is a few issues where the structure is different as you presented from what I have.

  1. The Card Type that you created would be equal to my Item type. The main difference here is you are saving the “cards (children)” to this Card Type as a list, this is the big difference from my structure. I currently save the Users item (Child) as its own individual record in its own datatype.

The reason I have it this way is because all users will see the parent group “Item”, and when a user clicks Add Card, it will take that Item, create a Users Item record with a field “Related Item” referencing the parent Item. This is why I have the Parent RG as Item, and the Child RG as Users Item (filtered down by Current User) so users only see their cards on their profile.

Maybe the way I can do this is to change the data source of the parent RG from Items to Users Item whenever a filter is applied, ill have to figure out how to change all my texts to now pull from users Item as the data source will change.

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