Filter using a dropdown in ListShifter using a search

Hello I am trying to have a Multiple Dropdown that has a list of users names associated with an ID.

Currently, it only works when 1 is selected. The goal would be to have the search keep expanding when you add more people being selected. At the moment it just stops working.

Any Ideas?

This is what its looking like.

When its just 1 name is works perfect

Hi there, @TomIsCool… if I understand your post correctly, you will need to use an advanced filter to compare the list in the multidropdown to the list in the practitioner_links_self field. So, try this… remove the highlighted constraint, and add the :filtered operator to the end of the search expression in the List to Shift field. Then, add a constraint to the filter, and select the Advanced option at the bottom of the dropdown. Finally, build an expression that should be something like This Appointment-individual-apis practitioner_links_self contains list Multidropdown Practitioner selection's value.

Hope this helps.


Sorry not following.

Do you mean to remove the type from the search like this:
then add filtered?
Not too sure what to add here?

? :slight_smile:

Yes, that is what I meant.

Click the button to add a new constraint, select the Advanced option at the bottom of the dropdown, and build an expression like the one in my initial reply.

Just stuck on getting this to turn blue.
contains list?

I can get it working when it selects first item… but that’s pointless

Advice please?

My expression is using the contains list operator… you are using the contains operator.

Is the practitioner_links_self field a list field?

No it will only ever be 1 LinksSelf.
But there is a multi select that has multiple selected

Any ideas?

You are trying to compare a single thing to an input that contains a list… so that’s why it’s making you specify the item in the list. Maybe try building the expression the other way… Multidropdown Practitioner selection's value contains This Appointment-individual-apis practitioner_links_self.

Woohooo - thank you so much.

Do you have any advice on if there is a way to do a search on 2 db’s connected via a common value?


By the way, you have diligently hidden a single word in every screenshot in this thread, but the word is clearly visible at the top of the first screenshot in your initial post… might want to get that one, too, if it matters that much.

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