Displaying records from Multi Dropdown

Hello everyone…

I’m trying to display (filter) some records from a Multi Dropdown.

I have read some topics on the forum and still don’t know how to solve this.


I have read some intersect (Intersect itself?) and some count>0 but it looks so hard.

Can anyone give me a hand?


What are you trying to do?

Well… I have different body cars for instance and I want the user to filter the search for only two body or three like Sedan and SUV.

Or maybe the user want to filter with colors, like black, white and silver.
I don’t know how to combine to look not only for the first item but for all of them

All choices are Option Set

I don’t know if I explained well…
Thanks for answering

For that you’ll need to compare the two lists with an advanced filter, using the :intersects with comparison, and then check the count is more than 0.

So List A intersects with List B: count >0

But I don’t have tow lists. Its only one?

Or should I do a search for the List A and then compare it to the dropdown List B?

@adamhholmes It is necessary to be a List? Because I could not find Intersect with


This is my database.

When I want to search by Body (which is not a list because a vehicle does have only one body) with Multidropdown it should be filtered. But I guess that intersect with works only with Lists, and I have a List and an Item.

Or am I missing something?

Thanks again

Hi there, @fabian.banushi… here is an example with constraints for body and exterior color, so give this a shot and see if you get the desired result.


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Hi @mikeloc

Thanks for the answer.
Still, it doesn’t work.


The list in MultiDropdown is Option Set.

Thanks Again

I just set up the exact same thing, and as you can see from my screenshot, it worked fine for me. What does the issue checker say the issue is? What is the field type of the body field?

It does work when I put static choice
If I use Option Set (to fill the MultiDropdown) it comes with error.

@mikeloc I can use the static too…
But I needed a general solution. Because for the colors I need to use checkboxes. And I do not know how to implement it. Besides I will use the URL Parameter so when the user refreshes the pages the search will not be lost.

Thanks again

Yeah… apologies… I misread your initial post…

But @mikeloc’s given you the solution here… just use Body is in MultiDropdown's value

The fact it’s not working (as per your screenshot) means that something is wrong with your database setup.

The Issue checker will tell you what’s wrong (although obviously your Body field is NOT a ‘OS - Vehicle Body’ - which it needs to be (either that or you need to change the content type of the MultiDropdown to match the field type)

So see what the Issue checker is telling you, and double check all the ‘types’ are what they should be (they aren’t at the moment, so you’ll need to change something).

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It works… With option Set

It works… With option Set

That shows that your Body field is a ‘text’ - which is not a great idea (in my view)… so I’d change that if I were you (but if it works, it works - it will just make things more complicated than they need to be, as you’ve already experienced).

You must have missed my question about the field type of the body field. It’s a text field, but it really should be linked to the option set.

I mean what type should it be?

Its Type should be the Option Set.

I thought it will be easer for searching